Asian Tea House Blends 1 Lb Package

Asian Tea House Blends 1 Lb Package

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Asian Tea House Blends List
Welcome to our House Blends Section!

 Here you will find all of our Asian Tea House Blends. Products found here are in finely-ground powdered leaf form. All of these products are created with love by the TBSC Owners themselves, and blended to perfection for the most amazing Asian Tea experience yet!  
Current Office Favorites: Rainbow Blend, Chill Mix, Synergy Blend, and our newest product - Starburst Orange

Current Customer Favorites: Rainbow Blend, Mystery Relax Mix, Green Hulk

*Bekkah The Web Girl Says... You really can't go wrong with one of our Asian Tea Blends! Not sure what to get? We have a tough time deciding too. Choose a blend that suits your vein color preferences to reach O.B.E. - Optimal Blend Enjoyment. Check out the blend descriptions below to see what may very well be your new favorite here at TBSC!

Blend Descriptions:

Rainbow Blend - Yellow, Red, Green, & White Blend (a little of all strains in stock blended together)
Synergy Blend - Yellow, Green, & White Blend
Chill Mix - Green & Red Vein Blend
Mystery Relax Mix - All Red Vein Blend
Green Hulk - Green With A Touch Of White
Red Hulk - Mostly Red Vein Blend With A Touch Of White
Starburst Orange - Red & Yellow Blend
Thunder Struck - All White Vein Blend
Green Envy - All Green Vein Blend

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