Let's Talk About Educating Our Children

Posted by Dereck on 11/2/2017
Let's Talk About Educating Our Children
 Educating our kids about our everyday routine is key to creating the generation who will run this Nation with a health-conscious mind.

 I am a Chronic Pain Patient, with a disease that will not get any better, no matter the operation. It may help for a period, but ultimately I choose no needles and no surgeries, going on 11 years now.

 My days starts with 2 grams of Kratom, 2 Canna Caps, and a heating pad,for about a 45 minute period. Moving on to the TENS unit, 2 cups of coffee, and half of a gram of a 60/40 Sativa-dominant Cannabis cigarette, because that is the fastest-acting for me.

 All this just to tie my shoes, mind you.

 Before I stopped "medical advice", they had me on a strict regimen of 11 Tramadol and 2 Adderol 30 mg XR every day, and I couldn't get out of bed but may be 10 days out of the month. 

 So, yes... Our youth need to be educated about the CHOICE they have to help themselves, and they need to know more about everyday life, as opposed to being sheltered and saying that every person who has a drug addiction is a bad person... A small yet steadily growing percentage of you out there reading this can truly comprehend what our nation has done to us when it comes to drug addiction

 For five years, we have dove into the #addiction and #PainManagement field. I am a walking, talking, living example of what TRYING to do it on my own can be like. I am not a doctor, and what works for me may not work for everyone, but we've found that working with clients and educating them, not only about the herbs available, but the nature of addictions and/or pain management is also key, as well as understanding psychology.

 So please take a moment to talk with you young ones, and your loved ones, when you feel the time is right to educate them as well. 

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