Meet The TBSC Staff!


  The staff of Taunton Bay Soap Company all agree on one thing - we feel that it is incredibly important for our customers to know exactly who is behind our business, who is caring for their orders, and how we impact the community. In an effort to be as open as possible with our customers, we would like to introduce ourselves!

Veronika Bamford-Connors, Owner & Operator Of Taunton Bay Soap CompanyVeronika Bamford-Connors, Owner & Operator Of Taunton Bay Soap Company

  Lovingly dubbed "Mama Dayak" by the customers, she is one of the founders of the legend that is Dayak Kratom. Veronika is also one of the founders of the Dayak Facebook Group, where the members are referred to as "The Tribe". She loves to create new teas and soaps, tend to her garden, and research new herbs when she's not caring for her family or looking after the Tribe.   

Norman Bamford, Owner & Operator Of Taunton Bay Soap CompanyNorman Bamford, Owner & Operator Of Taunton Bay Soap Company

 Starting off as a part of production and order processing staff for Dayak, Norman made his way up to an office manager, and then brought his vision for Dayak to life by founding Taunton Bay Soap Company. Taunton Bay Soap Company started as a Dayak Products wholesale company, which merged with Veronika's Dayak Products retail site, Transcendence Rising Apothecary, about a year ago in October. Norman is a father of 5, the pastor of the Ashville Community Church, an Air Force veteran, and has bravely overcome PTSD.   


Bekkah Morris, Webmaster, Tech Support, & Customer ServiceBekkah Morris, Webmaster, Tech Support, & Customer Service 

 Nicknamed the "Dayak Web Girl" by The Tribe, Bekkah has been taking care of the websites and customers of Dayak for 3 years, across 3 different websites. She is the only staff member of Taunton Bay Soap Company who works outside of our Maine office. A busy mother of 4 boys, you can often find her lurking by the coffee pot, hovering over the computer, talking to her kratom plant, or reading her Tank Girl comic books for the millionth time, whenever possible. 

We also would like to introduce the rest of our team - our Personal Assistant, Kristen Mowry, and Production Associates Lisa Demmons, Marygean Storey, and Krystal Kelling. Couldn't do it without them!

Taunton Bay Fights For Your Rights

  Taunton Bay Soap Company, Transcendence Rising Apothecary, and Dayak have always taken an active part in the Kratom Community. Over the years, (and especially after the announcement of the possible Kratom ban in August) we have supported the advocacy efforts of Pro-Kratom organizations such as the American Kratom Association and the Botanical Education Alliance. The Taunton Bay Soap Company Team joined the Kratom Community on September 13th, 2016 at the White House for the Kratom March and Rally In Washington D.C.

 Norman even stayed in Washington D.C. for an extra week after the rally to continue to raise awareness for the Kratom Community, and to meet with some of our Representatives. 

 Bekkah frequently engages in local advocacy efforts in her home state of Michigan, and organized a rally for the Kratom Community at the Michigan State Capital Building in Lansing on October 12th, 2016, to raise awareness of Kratom and educate local law enforcement.