Updates To The Website & Beyond

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Updates to the website have been made!

We’ve got some awesome news for you, Tribe! Just in the last week, we’ve set up a Loyalty Program, removed order restrictions for Utah & most of Mississippi, & more. Read on for details!

Hello Again, Utah & Mississippi!

One of the most important changes took place last night – we changed to a more lenient processor who allows sales to Utah & most of the state of Mississippi. When you accept online payments, you have to play by the rules of the bank that is processing your card transactions. The initial processor we worked with interprets kratom laws very differently from our new one, & had deemed most of Mississippi, as well as the entire state of Utah, off-limits for selling our products. We still cannot ship to Union County, Mississippi (as well as the rest of the “illegal” states/areas) due to a full-on kratom ban there, but the rest of the blocked counties in MS were removed.

*Please remember – We weren’t able to transfer customer information from the old website, so you will have to create a new account here.

Welcome Back, Kava

While we’re at it, let’s welcome back our Traditional Kava & Instant Kava! Another rule with our initial processor was that we could not sell both kratom products & kava on our website, so kava was removed for the last week or so while we waited for approval with the new processor. It is now available in the Herbs section once again!

Introducing Loyalty Points, Gift Cards, & New Sales

Appreciation Points

Yesterday marked the start of something epic – our new loyalty program! They’re called Appreciation Points (because we appreciate you & your continued support!) & you earn 2 points for every dollar spent. That means you’ll get back $2 for every $100 order!

How else can you earn points? You’ll also earn 10 points just for creating an account on our new website, 25 points for the first order you place here, & 50 bonus points for spending over $200! You can also earn 5 points for commenting on blog posts (yes, even this one!) & 2 points for leaving product reviews – which can help others to determine what products may be best for them.

To redeem points, you need at least 100 – 100 Appreciation Points = $1 (just to make it easy on all of us!) & you can exchange them for store credit in your “My Account” section or in checkout, below the shipping & billing information where it lists your order total.

Gift Cards

We now have gift cards available in $25, $50, $75, & $100 to make your upcoming holiday season (or really, any occasion) easy! So easy in fact, that you can set it & forget it – we offer the option to purchase ahead of time & schedule delivery to an email of your choice so you won’t have to worry about last-minute gift searching anymore!

Gift cards are available immediately for use once received in your email & remain active for use for one (1) year. They are easily redeemed both in checkout & on your “My Account” page, located in the “Store Credits” tab. Simply enter the code from your gift card email & BAM! Money towards your current or next purchase.

New Promotions

With this new website, came some new toys for us to play around with – including new ways to do sales & promotions! You can count on seeing things like BOGO sales, bonus points with purchase, free shipping, & free products with purchase promos in the near future. We’ll also be offering them more regularly as we get into the swing of things here, & you’ll want to keep an eye on our Facebook & other social media (all are listed in the footer) because we’ll be having regular games & giveaways as well!

Return Of Sample Review Program

In addition to all of these wonderful updates & changes… We’ll be bringing back our Sample Review Signup form! The Sample Review Program made it’s debut over the summer when we were trying to get the word out about our (then new) website. We are once again offering the option for signup to adults in a legal area to receive free kratom samples & other products in exchange for honest reviews! You can read more on that here.


Thank you once again to you all for being so kind & patient during this transformation! We know it’s been a little rocky… it always is when you start over from scratch! But you can count on us at TBSC to continue to improve your shopping experience & tackle problems head-on as they come. If you experience any issues, or have any questions & concerns, please reach out. In the meantime, take care & we look forward to serving you soon!

– Bekkah with Taunton Bay Soap Company

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