Early December Sale Codes

Kratom sales in December at Taunton Bay Soap Company

We’ve got some more holiday cheer coming your way at Taunton Bay! We’ve got several promotions planned for December – many of which will be announced much closer to Christmas – but our first two sales will get us started here & make for a nice bonus if you need to get your order placed this week. Don’t forget about Holiday Shipping Season so ordering even a little early in the month is a good idea just in case!

Wednesday, 12/7/22, we’ll be offering $5 shipping on orders 5kg or under with code shipping5 – just enter that in checkout to receive your discounted shipping. You can click here to use the coupon code: https://tauntonbaysoapcompany.com/coupon/shipping5/

Sunday, 12/11/22, will be our monthly Free Sample Sunday! This month is a little different, & I think we’ll be doing it this way from here on out. Use code sample to get free samples in your order:

  • 1 Sample for orders $60 or less
  • 2 Samples for orders $61-$120
  • 3 Samples for orders over $120

You can click here to use the coupon code: https://tauntonbaysoapcompany.com/coupon/sample/

These will be the same codes used in the future for these sales, so feel free to jot them down for later! Like I said in previous blog posts, we’re trying to do sales a little more regularly, but I thought it might be easier on you guys to keep the same code for the ones we’ll reuse. You can also follow us on Facebook or sign up for email newsletters on our home page to get all the details on our latest sales.

What types of sales would you like to see in the future? We’ll be mixing it up from time to time, & we’ve even got something cool & unique planned for next month! But we would love to hear your thoughts on what sales you like best (discounted shipping, discounted products, buy-one-get-one sales, etc.).

I hope the holidays are treating y’all well so far this season! Please call us at 207-669-8246 9am-5pm EST if you have any trouble with the codes online or need any assistance.

Take Care!

– Bekkah with Taunton Bay Soap Company

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