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Loyalty Points Program At Taunton Bay Soap Company Can Save You Money On Kratom & Other Products!

While the program is a few months old now, I learned that a few customers were recently surprised to find they had a bunch of loyalty points in their accounts! So I think it’s time for a thorough refresher on our Appreciation Points Program. Here, we’ll go over our program & how to use your points.

What Are Appreciation Points?

Appreciation Points are the name of our loyalty points & program! Aptly named because, well, we appreciate you guys! There wouldn’t be a TBSC without you & this loyalty program is just one of the new ways we’re giving back to our Tribe for the 8+ wonderful years in the community together. You can earn points by ordering products online, & a few other actions, & turn them in for store credit.

Unfortunately at this time, our points program is available for online customers only. Because the phone order system is different from the online system, we are not able to track points earning & redemption in that way with phone orders. Hopefully this can change in the future.

How Do I Earn Appreciation Points?

Before anything else, the main requirement here is that you must have a customer account on our website before you purchase items if you want to earn Appreciation Points. Having a customer account comes with a multitude of perks:

  • Earn Loyalty Points
  • View Appreciation Points History
  • Access Your Order History
  • Access Your Tracking Information
  • View Order Notes From TBSC Staff, If Changes To Your Order Is Necessary, For Example
  • Redeem Gift Cards & Appreciation Points For Store Credit
  • TBSC Staff Can Add Store Credit To Your Account, If A Product You Ordered Is Out Of Stock, For Example

You can earn Appreciation Points in different ways, as well:

  • Get 2 Points For Every $1 USD Spent (*On Most Products*)
  • Get 5 Points For Each Approved Product Review
  • Get 5 Points For Commenting On Our Blog Posts
  • Earn Extra Points During Bonus Points Sale
  • Earn 50 Bonus Points For Every Order Over $200
  • Get 10 Points For Creating A Customer Account
  • Get 25 Bonus Points Just For Placing Your First Order

Between purchases, product reviews, & blog comments, your points will rack up fast!

How Much Are Points Worth?

On any given day, you get 2% back on most purchases (2 points per every dollar, as noted above), except on Gift Cards & Sample Packs, which at this time only earn 1 point per dollar.

Each point is worth a penny, so 100 points are worth $1 in store credit, to keep it simple. You can save up as many points as you’d like, but there is a 10,000 points limit ($100) per store credit redemption. If you reach that limit, you’ll have the rest of your points for another trade-in at a later time.

How Do I Redeem Points For Store Credit?

There are two places you can redeem points for store credit:

  • In the “My Appreciation Points” tab of your My Account page
  • Or in checkout during an order, near the “order total” & payment section

In each instance, you can choose how many points you want to redeem, or save for later. There are no set amount of points you need to spend – as I’ve seen in my own experience on some stores, which can limit you to $5 or $25 increments, for example – so you can use $10 in points or $1.39 in points, it’s all up to you! Just enter the number of points you want to redeem & BAM! Store credit waiting in your account, or deducted from your order total.

For the My Appreciation Points Section

Login to your account. Once you login, on both mobile & desktop, you’ll see a list of links to the left-hand side of the page. Towards the bottom above “Logout”, is the My Appreciation Points link. Just click in there to view your points balance, earning history, & redeem for store credit.

In The Checkout

Once you’ve finished with the billing & shipping address sections, you’ll see an order total box near the card payment. In that box, if you have enough points to redeem (at least 100 points, or $1 dollar’s worth), you’ll see the option to use your points towards the balance of your current order.


So to sum it up, our points program is for online customers only, 100 points equal $1 for trade-in, you can earn 2 points for every dollar, on most items in our store, 5 points each for blog comments & product reviews, bonus points during sales & for orders over $200. You can trade them in your My Account section, or in the checkout, & choose how many points to redeem.

I hope this clears up any concerns or confusion about our Appreciation Points Program! We really tried to keep it simple, while still allowing for as much freedom & earning opportunities as possible.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns about our Appreciation Points! I hope you have a lovely day ahead & take care, Tribe ๐Ÿ™‚

-Bekkah with Taunton Bay Soap Company

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