Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas

With V-Day right around the corner, we’ve got some AMAZING deals for you to woo your sweetheart this year! Get the deets below on our Valentine’s Day Specials & Gift Bundles that can help you save on gifts for your favorite kratom & botanical fan this holiday.

$25 Or Less

If you’re looking for an affordable gift option for your valentine, or just a little somethin’ extra in your next order, these are for you!

Sweet Vibes Bundle

Valentines Day Sweet Vibes Bundle

The Sweet Vibes Bundle comes with one Incantations Premium Line Kratom Capsules of your choice, & either one or two bars of our handcrafted Honeydew Soap. It’s one of our most affordable bundles, starting at $17.50.

You can get this bundle by clicking here.

Handcrafted Honeydew Soap Bars

Our handcrafted Honeydew scented Soap Bars are on sale for Valentine's Day at Taunton Bay Soap Company

Our Honeydew Soap Bars are handcrafted, made with by hand with the cold-pressed method. All of our soap bars are without harsh chemicals & more natural, skin-loving ingredients. Right now, the Honeydew scent is on sale for Valentine’s Day. It’s the perfect mix of fresh & fruity notes that mesh together for a great holiday & gender-neutral scent combo that all can enjoy.

You can get 1-4 bars (normally, we only offer a 2-pack!) for $4.25-$13.99 by clicking here.

Incantations Line Is On Sale Too!

Our Incantations Premium Kratom Capsules Line is on sale for Valentine's Day! Each jar comes inside a mesh gift bag with a small glass bottle filled with collectable gemstones.

If you don’t want the Honeydew Soap Bar to go along with your Incantations Premium Line Kratom Capsules, or you want to get an amazing deal with a 4-pack, you can check out our limited-time sale item for the stand-alone Incantations Capsules.

Incantations Capsules are the perfect (AND easiest) gifts for any kratom lover out there. It comes with a 60ct reusable jar of capsules, with a small, collectable glass bottle of gemstones (chosen at random & heat wrap-sealed to the jar), inside of a decorative mesh gift bag.

Depending on whether you get the single or the 4-pack, this is also included in our $25 or less section, starting at $13.50 for one jar of your choice, or a 4-pack with one of each type – which includes a red vein, green vein, white vein, & blend of all (an Incantations “Rainbow Blend”) for $49.99, which saves you another $4 on top of the current single jar sale. You can get that by clicking here, & also as an add-on for $13 to any kratom product for a limited time.

Valentine’s Day Small Bundle

A Valentine's Day gift set containing a 120g kratom variety pack, lip balm, herbal tea, & a soap bar of your choice at Taunton Bay!

Our “traditional” Small Bundle is a fan-favorite that we offer around each major holiday. When it got so popular last year at Easter, we decided to release it during other holidays & keep it more or less the same each time, so you’ll know what to expect in the future.

For the V-Day Bundle, it comes with a 120g Variety Pack (2 of our 60g packages of kratom powder), a 5-Pack of Tea Bags of your choice, a Lip Balm of your choice, & a Soap Bar of your choice of scent. You get all of this for only $25, making it an affordable add-on to any current order or a great stand-alone gift for yourself, a friend, or your significant other. You can get it by clicking here.

Gifts Under $50

For those looking for a better variety, larger gift bundle, or even more of your Taunton Bay favorites, we’ve got two more specials, just for you!

Tea For 2 Bundle

Get Kratom For Two with our Tea For Two Valentine's Day Bundle!

Our Tea for 2 Bundle was curated for the perfect V-Day gift to share some tea with a friend or your significant other (or simply just to spoil yourself wink, wink) with a similar set as our Small Bundle, but with larger packages of kratom & a slightly different product variety for only $5.

In this gift set, you’ll get 2 of our 125g packages with your choice of kratom strain or blend, 2 of our handcrafted Soap Bars with your choice of scent, a 5-pack of Herbal Tea Bags of your choice, & 2 of our Tea Booster Sample Packs. It’s $30 plus shipping, & you can get it by clicking here.

Netflix & Chill Bundle

Valentines Day Netflix and Chill

The Netflix & Chill Bundle is our attempt at some tongue-in-cheek humor, to go along with an affordable variety of kratom, plus customer & staff-favorite herbs for supporting relaxation, mood, & libido wellness.

Get a 240g Variety Pack (4 of our 60g packages of kratom powder) plus 30ct/30g/1oz packages each of Ashwagandha, Muira Puama, Skull Cap Capsules, & Kava Powder, the latter of which you can choose the 1oz Instant Kava or 4oz Traditional Kava.

While it is our most expensive bundle at $45, it is also one of our best deals this season that contains our most popular products. You can get this by clicking here.

Get Them While They Last

These will be available until 11:59pm EST (8:59pm PST) on Valentine’s Day, Tuesday 2-14-23. So grab them while they’re here! We will also be having a Valentine’s Day Sale on 2-14 for the rest of our products, though these will not be included as they are already heavily discounted.

We hope you all enjoy this year’s Valentine’s Day savings & gift options! We’ve got something new just around the corner too, which we’ll talk about in the next episode here. Follow us on Facebook to stay on top of our weekly sales, weekly updates reels with me as your host, & more.

In the meantime, take care & I’ll be back soon!

-Bekkah with Taunton Bay Soap Company

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