About Us – Meet The Taunton Bay Kratom Family

Veronika CROP 1



One of our amazing Co-Owners, she does it all at TBSC! Starting in 2014, she has run the show ever since. Attended the 2016 & 2018 Kratom Rallies in D.C., & assisted in stopping kratom bills in both Maine & New Hampshire. She also helps with programs in the local community of Sullivan, ME whenever she can.

FUN FACTS: Proud mom of 8 & grandma, Veronika is sharp as a tack & super crafty! Loves to create new teas & soaps for TBSC. Can usually be found sipping coffee at her desk or running around all over the place helping the TBSC staff! 

Norm and Brad CROP



Another one of our wonderful Co-Owners, he started in 2015, assisting in wholesale & taking a Co-Owner position shortly after. Attended the 2016 & 2018 Kratom Rallies in D.C., & assisted in stopping a kratom bill in Maine.

FUN FACTS: A pastor at local Ashville Community Church & a veteran. Proud father of 6, foster parent, & grandpa, Norman is pictured left, with husband Brad above. Enjoys remodeling homes &  working on his Volkswagens.


Office Manager & Human Resources


Our Office Manager Lisa handles everything from hiring & paychecks, to HR & so much more! She also assists with customer service. We seriously couldn’t go on without her!

FUN FACTS: Mom of 2 & proud grandma. Lisa has a thing for primitive décor & loves shopping. She always has a smile on her face &  enjoys spending time with her family as often as possible!

Lacey CROP

Quality Assurance


As our Quality Assurance Manager, Lacey oversees everything from safety & janitorial, to product quality & operating procedures. She’s been indispensable during our quest to become American Kratom Association GMP-qualified!

FUN FACTS: Proud mom & loves her dogs. Lacey is into skulls & the color purple… So much that we painted her whole office with it! She’s a strong & fierce addition to TBSC.


Wholesale & Customer Service Manager


Erin takes excellent care of our business clientele & oversees their orders start to finish. As our customer service manager, she assists with phone orders, shipping status, & everything in between. Thanks to her, we have top-notch customer care all-around!

FUN FACTS: Proud mom, loves her dog & cat. She stays busy after work going to her kid’s games & spending time with family on the weekends. Even helps on her family’s lobster boat in the summer. 

Bekkah 2

Webmaster & Marketing Manager


Our very first employee joining in 2014 as the webmaster, she is currently the head of marketing & content creation. Bekkah attended the 2016 & 2018 Kratom Rallies in Washington D.C., lead a rally in 2016 in Lansing, MI, & assisted in halting an early kratom bill in 2014 in her home state of Michigan. She was also the first to give testimony at a New Hampshire Kratom Ban meeting in 2020.

FUN FACTS: Proud mom of 4 & loves lounging with her dogs or playing Pokémon GO with her boys after work. Still obsessed with Tank Girl comics, rainbows, & makeup. Also known as the “office ninja” for sneaking up on people!

Sabrina 1CROP

NV Gifts


Sabrina has held various positions at Taunton Bay over the last 3 years, but is currently running the shop at our “sister store”, NV Gifts, located in the same space as our offices. She assists customers at the register, by phone, stocks the store, packages some products like our soap bars, & always makes sure there’s plenty of candy in the jar for the kiddos who visit! 

FUN FACTS: Proud mom & loves her dogs. Has serious skills in cooking, and a fun sense of humor… Well known for her shenanigans at the shop, especially enjoys picking on Erin in wholesale.


TBSC Gardener


Husband of Co-Owner Norman, he is the gardener for Taunton Bay Soap Company. He makes our shop green, beautiful, & happy – inside & out! He also assists with taking overnight packages to the post office in town during the day, and sometimes helps with evening post office runs for our regular packages. Attended 2016 & 2018 D.C. rallies. 

FUN FACTS: Father of 6 & foster parent, & loves playing ball with his dog Marley. He truly enjoys gardening for their church & the shop, & looks forward to setting up the community garden every year. Seen here working with our disposed kratom (which is often recycled as compost) to start our “car garden” in the side yard!

Alex 1



Starting with us in the fall of 2021 in janitorial, she recently made the move to leading our shipping team! She does everything from printing product labels, to printing shipping labels & assisting customers with shipping questions.

FUN FACTS: Loves her cat, music, & going to the beach. Also enjoys going to concerts & collects anything that’s pink. Alex is a lot of fun and has the best decorated office in the whole shop, as you can see here! She likes to give the other employees gifts and brighten their day. We’re grateful to have her on the team.

Kelly CROP



Starting with us in the winter of 2022, she has quickly become an essential part of the shipping team! Assists with getting products ready to ship, restocking the shelves in shipping, checking orders, helping fulfill wholesale orders, & more.​

FUN FACTS: Proud mom & loves her dog. Also loves to travel! She enjoys spending time with her kids & family after work. Kelley has vibrant energy & is always so helpful to the staff at Taunton Bay Soap Company.

Bruce CROP



Usually assisting Norman with house remodels, Bruce joined the team this winter as our official head of maintenance​. He fixes everything as needed around the shop & has been doing some beautiful work remodeling the building, from painting to building entire walls! Highly skilled in his craft, we are grateful to have him on the team.

FUN FACTS: Proud dad & enjoys spending time with his family outside of work. Love the beach, rock music, & is such a friendly, valued presence at Taunton Bay!


Stock Room Manager & Packing


Nia joined us in 2020, first working in the packing room. After a brief leave, she is back to help with our stock room & packing! She keeps track of the products we get in, organizes our product storage area, & assists in the packing room. That pack of gummies in your hand? Yup, that’s her! She packs all of our gummies with love & care.  

FUN FACTS: Proud mom of 1 & enjoys spending time with her family. Also helps her husband Jacob with their business, Bamford Tech Repair.

Now that you’ve met our team, let us show you the unmatched service at Taunton Bay!