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Charges Policy:

Orders: We accept card payments by most major card providers. Your card will be charged for your order total (plus any applicable taxes & shipping fees, as noted in checkout) Taunton Bay Soap Company / Authorize.Net

Unauthorized Charges: If someone uses your card to place an order with Taunton Bay Soap Company and you did not authorize the charges, please contact us by phone at 207-669-8246 during the business hours listed on our website. You must also report them to the police and your bank. If applicable, we will refund your card as required by law.

If a package has already been shipped, we will try to stop delivery, in any way possible, in all cases of unauthorized card use. If the purchase was made by someone in your household and the product was already sent to your billing and/or shipping address, & it is too late to stop delivery to your billing and/or shipping address, we will email you a return shipping label & instructions. Once we see that the products are in transit to our shop via USPS tracking, we will refund the order.

Chargebacks: If you file a charge back with your financial institution and we do not receive the products that were refunded, we will not ship ANY future orders to you until previous debts are paid IN FULL or products are returned. We are required by law to report refund and return fraud, and we will file a charge to comply with regulations if we suspect fraud.

Charges Terms and Conditions
Charges Terms and Conditions At Taunton Bay

Taunton Bay Soap Company

Making our terms of service easy to read & simple to understand. This terms page covers our payment options, how we charge cards, handle chargebacks & unauthorized payments. Follow us on Facebook to get all the news & updates from Taunton Bay Kratom!

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