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Interested in working in a professional, fast-paced, fun, friendly & family-centered environment? Apply for a position at TBSC! We’re located in the heart of Downeast Maine, the beautiful coastal town of Sullivan. We offer a friendly atmosphere, and have several types of positions you can apply for, including customer service, packaging, warehouse, shipping, industrial cleaning, and possibly more! 

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Customer Service

In-Store Employee

Industrial Cleaning & Maintenance

Packaging products for both wholesale & retail in the “clean packing area”, a separate room closed off to the rest of the staff to keep as sterile as possible. Requires you to wear scrubs, hair nets, gloves, and other special attire for safety measures – provided by Taunton Bay Soap Company. This position requires math skills, measuring skills, organizational skills, lifting, & long hours on your feet. Also be aware that there is a lot of dust from our dried & powdered herbs. Our packing room is a fast paced environment (but of course there’s music all day!). 

Preparing pre-packaged products to ship for both retail & wholesale orders. Does not require special clothing (such a scrubs) but we require closed toe shoes. You will be moving about the shipping area throughout the day. Must be able to lift, be on feet long hours, work in a fast-paced environment. May also require some computer skills for printing labels & other office needs.

Keeping stock of products, organizing the stock room, collecting samples for product lab testing, the ability to multitask for working with multiple departments to coordinate restocking, along with other needs. Must have math skills, computer skills,  organizational skills, the ability to work with people, able to stay focused.

Mainly working with customers on customer service needs & placing orders. Must have the ability to sit for long periods, phone skills, conversational skills, like to work with people, office skills, organizational skills, computer skills, and more. It’s also highly important that you have minimal knowledge, or an interest in, herbal products, alternative medicine, natural wellness, etc.

Similar to our customer service job, but you would be working as a cashier & customer service representative for local in-store customers at our “sister shop” NV Gifts, in the same location as our offices. You would need solid people & sales skills, money & math skills for handling paper money & stock, phone skills, and more. The ability to lift & bend is also important for stocking or assisting customers in-store at NV Gifts.

By far the most important jobs at Taunton Bay! We truly appreciate the difficulty & physical aspect of these jobs. Industrial cleaning requires much more cleaning detail & specific steps than regular housekeeping, which must be followed each night after closing, especially in regards to the room with our clean packing area. Maintenance is a separate position that requires basic knowledge of carpentry, plumbing, etc. & other “handyman/woman” skills such as use of tools, accurate measuring, and more.  Both positions require long hours on your feet, heavy lifting, and bending. 

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Just check out the positions above for a brief description or fill out the application below. Even if you don’t currently live in Maine – we’ll keep your information on file and reach out if/when we have anything available that may be a good fit for you! 

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