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Our Capsule Machine is a great value with the ability to create 24 “00” sized capsules at a time & comes with directions for use + all you need to fill your capsules! You can use it to fill empty capsules with powdered herbs, crushed herbs, liquids – the possibilities are endless! Get some of our Empty Veggie Capsules to use with this machine.

This machine is perfect for beginners & advanced capsule-makers alike, comes with the machine itself (which includes 24 holes on two sides for the capsules), a tamping tool that helps pack the product into the capsules, & a card to swipe the product over the holes & off of the machine.

To use, you simply disconnect your empty 00 capsules, place the long side in the bottom & shorter side in the top piece, add a few teaspoons of product at a time to the “long/bottom” side, swipe with the card to push the product into the capsules, tamp it down with the tool, & repeat until you are happy with the fullness. Place the top & bottom half of the machine together, & press. One side of the machine has a spring-like mechanism that will pop back up once done & help pop the filled capsules out of the machine once removed. Once you get the hang of it, it only takes a few minutes to make a batch of 24 capsules!

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We source the finest Empty Veggie Gel Capsules & our favorite Capsule Machine to provide a seamless experience for both beginners & those knowledgeable in capsule making!


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