Shilajit Powder

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Shilajit is a naturally tarry substance found in mountains all around the world, but believed to be first discovered & utilized in the Himalayas. It is made up from the decomposition of various natural components (such as plants) & formed inside the earth over hundreds (if not thousands) of years. This substance is created by pressure of the mountains, which squeezes the gooey resin to the surface during hot days where it is collected. Shilajit is mainly sought after for it’s fulvic acid content & mineral-rich composition. It is said to have a long history in India, specifically in the traditional system of Ayurveda.

There is a story passed around the internet about how Shilajit was found – that monks in the mountains observed two groups of monkeys, one that was eating some weird sticky substance from the side of the mountain, & one group that was not. It is said that the after some time, the monks noticed the monkeys who ate the sticky substance were more robust & seemed to have more energy than the other group who were not eating it, so they decided to try it for themselves. We obviously can’t confirm the authenticity of this story, but always thought it was a fun anecdote about how Shilajit came to be!

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1oz 25% Shilajit Extract, 30g 40% Shilajit Extract


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