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Time-Frame Requirements: You must request your replacement or missing product within 2 business days of the delivery date stated on your tracking information. It is important that you check your package immediately upon delivery and it is your responsibility to confirm that you received the correct products and order. You must contact us by phone at 207-669-8246 or by email at support@tauntonbaysoapcompany.com to report any incorrect products, damages during shipping, or other complaints regarding your order. We reserve the right to deny claims that are made outside of the 2 business day time limit.

Refunds: We offer refunds on a case-by-case basis, except when required by law. Due to the delicate nature of maintaining payment processing, we greatly prefer to offer credits or replacement products in lieu of refunds, if at all possible.

Open Packages: We do not accept or provide returns, refunds, or replacements on any opened packages of botanical, supplement, tea, food, drink, tincture/suspension, or skincare products. It is both a safety and health concern, and we do not resell any products that have been opened by customers for any reason. Other types of products like jewelry & clothing may be accepted on a case-by-case basis.\

Incorrect Order: If you receive someone else’s order by mistake, we ask that you call us immediately at 207-669-8246, during the business hours specified on our website, to report it so we can fix it immediately. We will double check to be sure that you don’t already have your correct package on the way. If you don’t, we will send out your order as soon as possible by USPS Priority. For the other person’s order, we will have you open the package, give us the name and/or order number so that we can also re-send their package, & either send you a return label by email, by mail, or have you refuse the package to USPS to have it sent back. You can refuse a package upon delivery if in person, or bring it to the nearest USPS location & let them know the receiver is not at the address specified on the package. You will not be charged in any way for shipping costs.

Damages During Shipping:  If your package is damaged during shipping, resulting in an apparent loss of product, we are happy to replace the amount of product that has been lost. You must contact us within 2 business days of receiving your shipment, as per the time-frame requirements stated above, with your name, order number, & pictures for our records. We require clear pictures of:

– The front of the package(s), with a view of the product label

– The area of damage (hole or cut, etc.)

– the damaged box or envelope your order was shipped in, before you open it, if possible

– If possible, pictures of the lost product itself. For our powdered or crushed leaf botanicals, there may be some loose product in the box. You can gather as much as you can in a pile, in a clear plastic bag, etc. & take a picture of that.

– If reporting damages of products other than our herbal products, such a jewelry, skincare, clothing, etc., we understand it is not always possible to “show” the amount of loss, so the picture of damage(s) to the item or packaging will suffice.

***Please hold onto the lost product and/or damaged package(s) until we respond, in case we need further visual proof for our records.

Losses Under 30 Grams Of Herbal Products: We will make a note on your account to include the lost amount in your next order unless other arrangements are made by customer service representatives, customer service manager, or the owners of Taunton Bay Soap Company.

Losses Over 30 Grams Of Herbal Products: As long as the products are in stock, we will ship your replacement products as soon as possible, via USPS First Class Shipping or USPS Priority Shipping.

Losses Or Damages Of Non-Kratom or Herbal Products: For products such as skincare, jewelry, clothing, etc. we will make every effort to send a replacement of the exact product you ordered, but because items like the jewelry & clothing we carry are handcrafted by local businesses, they may be “one of a kind” & require you to choose a different style, color, or product of equal value. For these products, we may also offer a store credit to be used on a future order or a refund for the amount of the damaged or lost product.

USPS Insurance: All customers also have the option to file insurance claims with USPS for damages up to the amount of their product cost, or the limit specified on their tracking (usually $50 or $100). These must be filed within a certain time-frame, please visit http://www.USPS.com to see if you may qualify for the insurance filing.

By placing any order with Taunton Bay Soap Company, you acknowledge these Refunds, Returns, and Replacement terms. Please contact us regarding more information on the refunds and returns policy by calling us Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST, messaging Bekkah via the live chat on this website 9am-4:30pm EST, or by emailing webmaster@tauntonbaysoapcompany.com or support@tauntonbaysoapcompany.com.

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