Sample Review Program

Are you an Herbal Products or Kratom Blogger? And/Or Active On Social Media With A Good Following? Sign Up To Receive FREE Samples From Taunton Bay Soap Co. In Exchange For A Review. Read Below For More Information!

What We’re Looking For

Anyone may be eligible for the program, but we would prefer those who are active on social media or their established blog, with a like-mindset towards herbal & natural products. Anyone 21 & older living in a legal area in the United States can apply to the program, no purchase is necessary. Only one application needs to be submitted.

 There’s no “follower count” requirements, but we would prefer that applicants have established & active accounts with 1,000 followers or more, geared towards herbal products, natural wellness, or kratom.

What Needs To Be In Your Posts

 We’re simply asking for 100% honest reviews in public posts. When you post or record, please include our website address & company name. You must state outright that you “received our products free in exchange for an honest review” or simple use the #ad hashtag at the bottom of your post. This is required to comply with FCC & FTC laws. 

 In your review, we just ask that you please mention relevant subjects, such as how you feel about any customer service experiences you’ve had with us or talk about your experience with the products. But if there’s any special instructions (such as hashtags) for a particular campaign, we’ll include them in our email to you.

No Longer Interested?

No worries! You can opt out of the program at any time, or change your information. Just contact Bekkah by phone or email & we’ll remove you from the list! Change your mind? Contact us again.

What We Ask Of You

Once you receive your samples, we ask that you make at least 2 public posts to any social media accounts/blogs you list in your application within 30 days of receiving your products: 

– 1 (one) post, video, blog entry, or article with pictures and/or videos with your full review of our products.

– 1 (one) other social media post with pictures and/or videos of our products. You could do an unboxing, a “first impressions”, or a second post after your review, etc. It’s totally up to you!

 *If you checked any of the Review Pages/Tabs, Personal Blog, or YouTube Video options, it’s not necessary to post an “arrival”/unboxing/second article, review, or video on those platforms.

What If I Don’t Like Your Products?

First Off – You will NOT get penalized or removed from our list simply for a critical review, & we mean that. We know not everyone will 100% love everything we send them, & that’s perfectly fine! When that happens, we just ask that you aren’t malicious. Of course, we would never send a “bad” product intentionally, & if there’s any quality issues or concerns with your products, please reach out to let us know so we can fix it, if possible.

Questions? Concerns?

Contact Bekkah, the marketing manager for Taunton Bay Soap Company & head of the Sample Review Program at You can also call 207-669-8246 Monday-Friday / 9am-5pm EST for assistance.

Sample Review Program at Taunton Bay Soap Company - receive free kratom samples & other products in exchange for an honest review of our products & services!
Sample Review Program At Taunton Bay

Program FAQs

What Will I Receive?

Depending on the preferences you state below & any considerations for special campaigns (if we’re only sending out a specific product to be reviewed, for example) most review boxes will contain 3-5 products ranging from sample to full size. Most kratom will come in 30g packages or 30ct capsules. Please note the list we include below to gather your product preferences is also to “get a read” on what products you may like to try most & not a guarantee of what products you will receive in your care package.

When Will I Receive My Care Package?

As of right now, we cannot guarantee when any one person will receive their package. Once you’ve been approved for the program, you will be added to our list. Every couple of weeks, we will select 5-10 participants at random to receive products. We will reach out by email within approx. a week of when your package may ship to let you know it’s on the way.

Will I Get More Packages In The Future?

Unless you tell us otherwise or the program ends (there are no plans of that as of January 2023), we will keep you on our list for future review packages. Though due to high demand, it may be several weeks or months before we cycle through the list & reach your name again. In any case, we will always contact you by email to let you know that you have another package on the way shortly!

How Do You Use My Information?

Once your application is received, we print it. We use your information to confirm that your accounts are active, that you are a real person who aligns with our program, & live in a legal area that we can ship our products to. Once confirmed, we store your application in our marketing office to be randomly selected for care packages. We’ll use your shipping information to send your care packages & we may comment or interact with posts you make of our products (leave comments, like your post, etc.). We will contact you directly only when you have a package on the way or if there is a problem. At the 30 day mark, we will also check your accounts for the posts of our products to confirm continued eligibility for the program. You will not be added to our email newsletter list or other marketing campaigns by signing up below. We will not share your information for any reason.

Submit An Application

Terms & Conditions

By checking the boxes & submitting your application, you agree to these terms & conditions.