Kratom Generic 9

Official Promotion Rules

General Information For Current Promotion: We’re having a Lucky Scratch Off Promotion at Taunton Bay Soap Company to have Spring fun & celebrate St. Patrick’s Day a little early! On 3-15-2023, we’re giving out custom “scratch off” tickets/cards as free gifts, & one will be included with any order (placed online or by phone, limit one per household) that is packed for shipment before 4pm EST on Wednesday, March 15th, 2023, or while supplies last. Promotion may end early if we run out of Lucky Scratch Off Tickets before then, as we only have a limited number of tickets available (91 in total). You can receive anything from discount codes to store credit for use on a future order from these tickets, but everyone who receives a scratch off ticket will win something! There are no empty or “losing” tickets here… what’s the fun in that?! However, it’s important to note that codes & offers received do expire 9-30-23, so you have approximately 6 months to claim or redeem your code/store credit. Codes are one-time use, & store credit can be redeemed by reaching out to staff so we can add it to your customer account for use on future online orders, or apply it to a phone order. Full information on entries & rules available below.

Age & Area Limitations: Must be 21 or older & live in an area where our products are legal. We do not ship any products to the following states, cities and counties in the US where Kratom is banned: Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, Wisconsin, Sarasota County, FL, Union County, MS, Denver, CO, San Diego, CA, and Jerseyville, IL.

How Many: We have 91 tickets total for this promotion. Everyone who meets age & area criteria as described above who enters this promotion will receive one scratch off card per household, until we run out of cards and/or the promotion ends at the specified date & time. This promotion is available while supplies last since we have a limited number of cards in total available.

Prizes: You could possibly receive

There will be 40 (forty) 10% off codes, 20 (twenty) 15% off codes, 10 (ten) 20% off codes, 3 (three) 25% off codes, 5 (five) store credit prizes, 5 (five) free 60g codes, & 8 (eight) free shipping codes available. Codes & store credit will both be redeemable by online or phone order.

Each code/store credit offer is one-time use only, & must be claimed/used on or by 11:59pm EST on 9-30-23 (September 30th, 2023). For those who win store credit prizes, you must email or call 207-669-8246 during business hours (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST, excluding postal holidays) before the claim/use end date, 9-30-23 (September 30th, 2023) so we can add the store credit to your online customer account (or phone ordering account) manually. We may ask you to email us a customized picture of your winning card as proof of win.

Errors: If due to a printing, production, or other error, more prizes are claimed than are intended to be awarded for any prize level per the above, the intended prizes will be awarded in a random drawing from among all verified and validated prize claims received for that prize level. In no event will more than the stated number of prizes be awarded. Cards/prizes/codes are written by hand, so if the card received is illegible, we’ll still take care of you! Just contact customer service at either or with a picture of the scratched off area & we will do our best to interpret the card, & then retrieve the code/prize for your use online or by phone.

Everything Else: Limits: Limited time only, first come first served, while supplies last, for the first & only 91 (ninety one) entries available or until promotion ends, no exceptions. 91 (ninety one) “scratch off” cards are available in total for this promotion, each card will have an offer or “prize” of a discount code, free shipping code, free products with order code, or store credit amount, for use on a future order(s), listed in scratch off area. Each offer is one-time use only, or otherwise, can be used for one order only, with the sole exception of store credit. Store Credit can be used at the discretion of those who receive a scratch off card with store credit listed as their prize, up to the total amount shown on card, within the limits of our phone ordering system or website’s store credit system (I.E., $10 store credit can potentially be split into multiple orders with the remaining balance available for future use). Limit one scratch off card per household. “Household” is defined by shipping address or what is listed on ID card if presented in person. Must be 21 or older to order from Taunton Bay Soap Company. Must have a billing & shipping address (“live”) in a legal area as defined above. Scratch off cards are created by the marketing department before promotional date & given at random by shipping department staff, customer service staff, or NV Gifts shop staff. Not Sponsored: This promotion is sponsored by Taunton Bay Soap Company/ only. No social media platforms sponsor this promotion. Not sponsored by Facebook, Instagram, Meta, or any other social media platform we may share this promotion on. Entries: Purchase or amount of purchase does not determine your prize or give you a higher chance of winning one of the “larger” prizes. Free “Lucky Scratch Off Cards” will be given with any order packed for shipment on Wednesday 3-15-23, or by alternative entry, while supplies last. No purchase necessary – you may also enter by visiting our shop in person on the promotional date (3-15-23) to request a free Lucky Scratch Off Card, or you may enter by mail, by sending a postage paid (stamped) postcard with your return address & the text “Lucky Card” or “Lucky Ticket” written on the postcard to us, addressed to “Taunton Bay Soap Company, Marketing Department, 70 Taunton Dr., Sullivan, ME 04664” for alternative method of entry. In-person visit to the shop/request for a Lucky Scratch Off Card must be made on Wednesday 3-15-2023 before 4pm EST. Mailed postcard entry requesting a free Lucky Scratch Off Card must be received by TBSC Marketing Department no later than Friday 3-24-23. Extended date is for mail-in (postcard) entries only to allow for a fair entry timeframe. For those who mail in a postcard & it is received before 3-24-23, we will send a free scratch off card to the return address listed on postcard if we still have any of the 91 (ninety one) scratch off cards available. For any questions or concerns regarding the rules, entries, promotion, or prizes, etc. please call 207-669-8246 anytime Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST (excluding postal holidays) or send an email 24/7 to either or We generally respond within 1-2 business days. Prizes: As stated above, codes are one-time use only. Codes & store credit are redeemable by both phone orders or online orders, but those who receive any one (1) of the five (5) store credit prizes, must either order by phone, or contact us in advance of placing your online order. Store credit prize winners must either already have, or create, an online customer account on this website,, to receive your store credit for online use. We are unable to add store credit or discounts to an order that has already been placed. Be advised that we may also request a customized picture of your card as proof of store credit prize. Promotion Start/End Date: Promotion will begin with the first order packed for shipment on Wednesday March 15th, (which may include orders placed Tuesday, March 14th 2023 after shipping cut-off time or shipping department closing time) & end with the last order packed for shipment on Wednesday March 15th, unless we run out of Lucky Scratch Off Cards prior, with the exception that we receive an alternate entry as detailed above & still have Lucky Scratch Off Cards available. Owners & operators of Taunton Bay Soap Company reserve the right to change, alter, or otherwise edit the promotion, or end promotion early for any reason.